Durham Home Stagers mission is to provide high quality, creative solutions to homeowners that wish to add value to their home through re-design, repair and home staging services.
To be a trusted and reliable company that enables homeowners to make their homes more attractive and valuable.
Integrity, honesty and hard work will deliver results. Our client's satisfaction is the measure of our success.
this dynamic duo give Durham Home Stagers its character with their combined passion and experience for developing creative solutions and clean design for homes and businesses.
Durham Home Stagers is owned and operated by Glen Stewart and Renee Taylor.
What We Do
Consultation - We will assess your home staging/re-design requirments, making suggestions and recommendations to strategically highlight positive features, focal points and note areas in need of improvement. We include all aspects of colour, lighting, furniture, decor and any necessary or recommended painting/repairs.

Staging Report / Re-Design Recommendations - We will provide you with a detailed report following the consultation.

Quotation for Plans - We will provide you with a quote on our services to follow through with the recommendations. This will include staging or re-design, furniture or accessory rentals, painting or repairs.

Staging / Showcasing the Home - Depending on the size of the space this process could take anywhere from a few hours to a day or more. This is where our fun begins! We'll set up your space, complete any repairs, and bring in furniture or accessories if necessary, as outlined in your quotation. Upon completion, your space will be streamlined and organized; attractive for you and/or potential buyers.